Before you look any further, take a deep breath. You are either recently engaged or planning alongside a loved one and in your excitement you’ve seen 1252 websites for vendors and venues and it’s all starting to blur together. Am I close?

R E L A X . . .

There is plenty of time and I’m here to help.


First, I want to give you everything. I’m not kidding. No bride wants to compromise on her wedding day and I certainly don’t want to ask my couples to take something they really want off of their wish list for any reason. So I’ll take care of your day, the whole day, because I remember what it’s like to plan a wedding, and I feel your struggle.

Second, I will teach you everything you need to know about posing and being candid and getting all cozy and romantic in front of the camera. It’s sort of what I do. (Engagement sessions make for great practice.)

Finally, I’m not here to tell you that all the other photographers out there do things wrong or that my way is the only way. There are MANY talented artists in Northern Ohio who can deliver stunning images of your wedding day. I want you to find someone who fits YOUR STYLE & PERSONALITY. If that’s not me, I’m happy to help you find “your person” because I’m that committed to the cause of perfect wedding days.

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SNP Brides

{in their own words}


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-Abby (2018 Engaged)

"We absolutely loved working with Sherri...We both felt extremely comfortable and loved that we could be ourselves and laugh! Thank you so much!"

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-Katie(2018 married)

"Sherri was absolutely amazing! We both felt very comfortable working with her & were beyond happy with all of our amazing pictures. She definitely went above and beyond our expectations and I will always recommend her!"

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“{Sherri’s} love for photography shows through {her} work and I am so fortunate to have used {her} to capture the most important day for us!”