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Are you ready for a fun photo session that actually offers you quality time together as a family?

Are you looking for a photographer who will invest in you in order to understand how to create your perfect portrait?

Are you ready for an experience that will provide you with more than “just the digitals”?




Hi there! I’m Sherri and I absolutely love serving families through the art of photography. There are 3 things you should know about me right off the bat. 1. I believe that there is more to life than work so I’ll spend a lot of our time together making it feel more like play time. 2. I know how precious childhood memories are. Having only a few mementos from my own childhood drives me to help others hold on to the fleeting moments of those early years. 3. I love to see your sweet cuddles. Babies, dogs, fiancés, I don’t care who you cuddle, as long as you let me capture it on camera.

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Looking for some inspiration? Start with the blog. There you’ll find session features, tips and tricks, and a bit more about my own charming slice of life.

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